Number 1 in Switzerland

Each day, half a million chocolate bars leave Chocolat Frey's factory in Buchs, in the canton of Aargau.

With a great deal of care, love and the original Swiss recipe the company, with its rich tradition, has occupied the No. 1 spot on the Swiss chocolate market for over 30 years. 

Approximately 37% of all Swiss chocolate lovers and a growing number of connoisseurs in over 60 countries on all five continents enjoy the sheer indulgence of Chocolat Frey's meltingly delicious products.

Quality is the common denominator throughout Chocolat Frey's history. Frey chocolate has always been synonymous with premium quality, produced with the utmost care from the best raw materials – 100% made in Switzerland.
To this day, the chocolate makers at Chocolat Frey take personal responsibility for overseeing each and every production stage - from purchasing the cocoa beans to roasting at the factory and the meticulous processing of the heavenly chocolate. This is the only way to guarantee the highest quality at all times.


 A specialist for industry and food service 

For decades, the area of industry and food service has been among the most important pillars of business for Chocolat Frey AG. All over the world, major and minor food producers and gastronomy businesses are supplied with semi-finished products such as couvertures, fillings, glazing or chocolate powder.

Strengths in the area of industry and food service

  • In independent product tests, recipes by Chocolat Frey always range among the most popular – which is why many customers trust the semi-finished products of the number 1 in the traditional land of chocolate. 
    At Chocolat Frey, the passion for quality goes beyond the products. Particularly in the professional area, customers appreciate the proverbial Swiss reliability of the Chocolat Frey teams in the course of the overall provision of its services.

  • Chocolat Frey knows the needs of the users. An own development department is available to customers for sampling new product ideas and optimizing existing production workflows. Industrial and food service operations profit from Chocolat Frey’s large know-how, because not only does the company manufacture and distribute chocolate, it has been processing it itself for more than 125 years.

  • Large production capacities and very high process reliability are the bases for the high degree of supply availability in the area of semi-finished products. Chocolat Frey has more than 200 reusable containers for fast deliveries of liquid products and as to solid products, the company also practices proactive warehousing.

  • The product range for industry, commercial and food service operations consists of more than 200 items. The assortment is wide and ranges from couvertures, fillings, glazing, decorative articles, sticks, all the way to brittles, nuts or almonds in all widely varying delivery forms.