The foundation stone of the success story of Chocolat Frey AG was laid in 1887 by brothers Robert and Max Frey. Their passion has lived on in every one of our products for the past 130 years. What began with chocolate bars and chocolate powder, today manifests itself in versatile creations of the highest sophistication.

Chocolate from the house of Frey has always been premium chocolate produced with utmost care using the best raw materials – 100% made in Switzerland. To this day, Chocolat Frey’s chocolatiers are responsible for and monitor each individual production step themselves – from purchasing the cacao beans, to roasting them in the factory, to carefully processing the sublime chocolate. This is the only way to guarantee supreme quality in the long term.



Industry and food service specialists


The industry and food service sector is one of the most important pillars of the business of Chocolat Frey AG as it has been for decades. Around the world, larger and smaller manufacturers of food products, as well as catering/restaurant businesses, are supplied with semi-finished products such as couvertures, fillings, coatings or chocolate powders.



Our key skills



Our comprehensive quality assurance systems greatly exceed the statutory requirements. They are the guarantee that our products will be perfect. It is only through long-term partnerships and proximity to the source that we are able to influence and guarantee the quality of our end products. Moreover, we continually undergo external inspection in accordance with the strictest quality standards to date. In this way, Chocolat Frey delivers incomparable taste experiences to demanding chocolate lovers in Switzerland and abroad. Just as Swiss chocolate should be.

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Problem solving

Thanks to our own development department and the know-how of our employees, we can address the wishes of the customers with focus. Chocolat Frey’s innovation is determined by:

• market know-how

• application-based expertise

• access to the most recent research findings

• a future-oriented technology platform and qualified innovation management

Through constant innovation, we will maintain and expand our leading positions, both in the market and concerning technology.


Readiness to deliver

Large production capacities and very high process reliability are the bases for the high degree of supply availability in the area of semi-finished products. Chocolat Frey has more than 200 reusable containers for fast deliveries of liquid products and as to solid products, the company also practices proactive warehousing.


Wide product range

Our product range includes more than 200 items, which are available in a variety of different delivery types. We offer a full line of high-quality confectionery products, supplemented by useful services. Consistent market research and quality orientation guarantee our market success and therefore our ability to survive and develop in the long-term.



Sustainable development is a key concern for Chocolat Frey. We pursue this goal by considering economic, social and ecological criteria in order to achieve the best possible solution in every case. As part of an international network, we strive to operate sustainably in all areas along the entire value chain.

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