Chocolat Frey ensures fair working and living conditions when procuring raw materials and considers mankind and the environment. Chocolat Frey is committed to social standards and sustainability labels, strives for long-term partnerships with local producers and gets involved in local projects.

Cocoa Procurement

The story of Frey chocolate begins in the humid and rainy parts of the world, on the farms of numerous small-scale growers. The cocoa harvest and quality is determined by the climate, the growing conditions, cultivation and harvesting methods. In particular the beans’ aroma develops during the various processing stages. Professional management of the plantations, care of the bushes and painstaking harvesting, drying and fermenting of the beans are essential to achieve the quality needed for our chocolate.
At the heart of these processes is the cocoa grower. Chocolat Frey AG’s involvement promotes sustainable cultivation and processing of high-quality cocoa. At the same time the company wants to improve the small farmers’ living conditions and ensure they have a future on their farms. This is why Chocolate Frey has been collaborating with UTZ since 2010. More than 80% of our processed cocoa beans are UTZ certified.

UTZ - Better Farming. Better Future

Did you know that the UTZ logo is an indication of sustainably produced cocoa? UTZ certification is a guarantee of better farming that respects people and the planet. The producers meet ecological and social criteria laid down by UTZ. In return the buyers of their beans pay a premium. The money from the premiums is used to conduct training, buy equipment for production and finance social projects which benefit the village communities. Better cultivation methods mean the farmers increase the quantity and quality of their cocoa harvests. Together with a cash premium paid by Chocolat Frey, this increases their income and, ultimately, improves the farmers’ living conditions.

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Palm Oil Procurement - RSPO

Demand for this vegetable oil is steadily growing because of palm oil’s diverse uses and good processing properties, as well as the oil palm’s large surface area productivity. Cultivation of oil palms poses serious risks, however, to mankind and nature. Large areas of rain forests are cleared and peat soil drained in order to create oil palm plantations, which not only destroys the habitats of indigenous people and numerous animal species, it also releases large volumes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
The high per hectare yield is the decisive criterion for Chocolat Frey using palm oil in its fillings instead of coconut oil or other vegetable oils. Chocolat Frey only processes sustainable, 100% RSPO-certified palm oil.

The WWF established the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). RSPO segregated ensures traceability and Chocolat Frey knows from which plantations its palm oil is sourced. In addition, the plantations are monitored by independent organisation The Forest Trust (TFT).

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