Lactose-free milk couverture

Lactose-free milk chocolate – the deliciously indulgent experience for people with lactose intolerance.

The lactose-free milk chocolate couverture from Chocolat Frey guarantees a melt-in-the-mouth, light chocolate experience, specially for people with lactose intolerance. The finest milk chocolate merges with a delicious hint of caramel to create an exquisite taste experience. The lactose content of this couverture is <0.1g/100g.


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Couverture Milk-Dark 44/27

The new Milk-Dark couverture with a pronounced touch of cocoa and discreet sweetness.

The trendy Milk-Dark couverture is captivating with its authentic touch of milk, coupled with a high proportion of finely selected cocoa. The traditional manufacturing process gives the passionate premium full-cream milk couverture a long-lasting finish.


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Couverture Caramba 35/16

Discover Caramba, the new couverture with a hint of fine creamy caramel.

The new Caramba couverture offers a special taste experience for any caramel lover. Caramba is captivating with its unique taste of fresh cream and intense caramel. The heavenly amber couverture has a delicate bite. The long-lasting finish of creamy caramel is enhanced by a mild, slightly tart hint of cocoa.


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Couverture Gracile 38/20

Swiss milk chocolate as a reduced-sugar version.

The Gracile couverture has a low sugar content of 12% in comparison with traditional milk chocolate which contains around 50% sugar. Gracile is perfect as a coating for waffles, milk slices, chocolates as well as baked goods and ice cream. Due to the minimal amount of sugar, it can still claim to be “reduced in sugar” even in combination with sugar-containing components.


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