Whether it’s the carefully selected cacao beans or the choice Swiss raw materials, the milk and sugar, we keep a watchful eye on every step of the production process, down to the smallest detail. From the bean to the chocolate, each stage of the purification and refinement process is managed by our experienced chocolatiers in Switzerland.



Guaranteed Quality


Our status as the most popular chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland obligates us to the highest quality. From the choice first-class ingredients to select training programmes for our employees. Our international certificates underline the high demands we place on ourselves.

IFS - Chocolat Frey AG
IFS - Chocolat Frey Chewing Gum 

Why Frey


High Swiss Quality


From the purchase of the cacao beans, to our in-house roasting plant, to the production of the base material, to the distribution of the chocolate – the entire production process is closely monitored by us and complies with the ISO 14001, BRC and IFS standards. We only use first-class raw materials in production.



High problem-solving expertise


Our staff in the development and technology department will be happy to support you in realising your innovative product ideas. You benefit from our great expertise in that we not only manufacture chocolate, but also use it ourselves.



High supply capacity


Our high production capacities mean we can deliver all that is needed. We have more than 200 reusable tanks for fast liquid deliveries and operate predictive warehouse management for solid goods.



Broad range


We produce more than 30 different couverture/chocolate recipes, which are supplied in a wide range of forms. Our assortment of over 100 products also includes fillings, coatings, roasted hazelnut and almond products, brittles, cocoa masses, cocoa and chocolate powders.



Satisfied customers


For several decades now we have supplied numerous sectors such as the chocolate industry, bakeries, confectioneries, ice cream industry, biscuit industry, dairy industry, breakfast producers as well as the gastronomy/food service sector at home and abroad.